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Anaerobic Digestion Plant Fuel 

We supply poultry manure for use as fertiliser for a number of purposes. It is colloquially known as “rocket fuel” due to it making nutrient rich digestate and the demand over the years has increased vastly. 


AD plants all over the country are turning to poultry manure because of its cost effective input, and sustainable properties. 

We already supply several AD plants in the South East with poultry manure.

We are able to comfortably maintain a supply of 1000 tonne per week currently, and we are interested in furthering its use within AD plants

If a regular and reliable supply of poultry manure is something you may be interested in acquiring please call Steve to discuss further. Alternatively get in touch via email or via our website listed above.


Prices are dependant on distance hauled. 

View our detailed poultry manure analysis here <<

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