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Poultry Manure

We are the largest supplier of poultry manure in the South of England.


We are able to supply over 1000 tons a week. 


The manure itself is a highly effective non-chemical fertiliser. Well known as the most valuable manure on the market. Nicknamed by growers who already use it as 'rocket fuel'! The reason for this being the high nitrogen content, making it ideal for autumn applications. 


With nutrient prices rising once again, poultry manure should be considered as a valuable resource and is now much in demand from farmers who have experienced the long term benefits of applying organic manures.


Our specialist lab report is available to view below as well as a full article detailing the full benefits of poultry manure....

I was interviewed regarding our poultry fertiliser, here is the link with what I had to say...

To view our detailed poultry manure analysis please click here.

Demand is high so please call Steve to find out further information.

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